Where can I buy a HPLC?

There are many places where yo can to buy a HPLC. You can buy a new HPLC at your local dealer or a refurbished HPLC at Labrecycling

Labrecycling.com, the place for refurbished or used HPLC 

You have chosen not to buy a new HPLC, because the budget is not there, or you would like to do sustainable business

You buy a refurbished or used and working HPLC at Labrecycling 

Nowadays, more and more laboratories choose chromatography equipment that can last an another round.

If you are also looking for a used or refurbished HPLC, Labrecycling.com is the place to be. They will be able to advise you on which modules are best for you and can sell you used, well-functioning or reconditioned equipment. 


Labrecycling offers Agilent HPLC  in 3 Quality standards. 



HPLC in a schematic schedule 

HPLC stands for.....?

 High Performance Liquid Chromatograph.


Promo movie Labrecycling

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